Dolphin Watching

Cetacean Observation Activity License – Authorization no. AOC/27/2021 (Sado Estuary Natural Reserve)

Take a boat trip through the estuary of the river Sado and Costa da Serra da Arrábida and Tróia to observe the Sado Dolphins, the Bottlenose Dolphins, the friendly community that lives at the mouth of the river, about three dozen animals, one of the only three colonies estuaries throughout Europe.
Visit commented. Possibility of swimming in the summer.
1 drink included (only in the program for the boat MIL ANDANÇAS).
At the end, return to the starting point.

NOTE: The group of Roazes-Corvineiros (Sado Dolphins) are wild animals in their natural habitat. At SadoArrábida we do our best to make sure it’s possible to see them, but we do not guarantee 100%, although our success rate is very high (around 95%).

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Duration: +/- 2h30 (morning or afternoon)
Departure (Tróia): 10h00 / 15h00
Departure (Setúbal): 10h30 / 14h30
Price (adult): €40.00
Price (child 4-12 years): €17.50 (free for one child if together with 2 adults)
Babies (0-3 years): Free

Duration: +/- 2h (Sunset Tour) *
Departure (Tróia): 17h30
Departure (Setúbal): 18h00
Price (adult): €30.00
Price (child 4-12 years): €15.00 (free for one child if accompanied by 2 adults)
Babies (0-3 anos): Free

* during Summer


Duration: +/- 2h00 
Departure (Setúbal): 09h / 11h / 13h / 15h / 17h
Departure (Troia): + 10´
Price (adult): €35.00
Price (child 4-12 years): €17.50




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