The 2 CV

André (Citroën) had already launched the idea in 1934.

Pierre (Michelin), meanwhile, the brand’s new boss, then moved ahead with the project to develop a popular small-size car with a curious and innovative specification: “… a four-wheeled vehicle under an umbrella. It will have to be economical and, above all, capable of carrying 4 people and 50 kg of luggage with the maximum comfort at 60 km / h … and with a basket full of eggs, without leaving any … “.

Another Pierre (Boulanger), who had been invited to become a Citroën administrator with another André (Lefebvre), who finished the TPV (Toute Petite Voiture) project in 1939 and decided to call it 2CV (CV is the fiscal power in France and the 2nd paid the lower Tax). Both had aeronautical training so the end result developed all the best technologies known at the time: Front Wheel Drive, Flexible Suspension, Twin Engine, Air Cooling, Bodywork Profiles, Ingenious Mass Sharing.

With the outbreak of World War II, the 2CV had to wait until the Paris Salon of 1948 to show itself to the World. Then with their definitive clothing that we all know, thanks to the great Italian designer Flaminio Bertoni.

As of July 27, 1990, 5,114,940 specimens were built, the last at the Portuguese factory in Mangualde. One of the longest careers in automotive history.

Always considered a symbol of freedom, without pretensions, friendly and very economic, continues to seduce and create passions!


Available for hire (with driver):
– Events and promotions;
– Bachelorette parties / Weddings;
– Photo Sessions / Movies;
– Adverts;
– Tourist Circuits in the Natural Park of Arrábida and Natural Reserve of the Sado Estuary or others;
– Crazy events;