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Other programs suggested. 
In Setúbal, Tróia and around.

Regatta in the bay of setúbal

Boat trip in the bay of Setúbal with a captivating landscape. Enjoy fantastic conditions for an unforgettable party. Possibility to observe the friendly “Dolphins of Sado”.

A Foot in the water, a foot in the sand

Great music, great mood at a beach party with the boat close by.

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    • De Segunda a Sexta: 09:30 às 18:00
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    Arrábida Jeep Safari – “On the Rails of the Mountain”

    Jeep tour guided by the Nature Park of Arrábida. Nature, architecture and landscape heritage of rare beauty, highlighted by the contrast between the mountains and the sea.

    Raid Adventure 4×4 – Sado or Arrábida

    The Raid-Adventure 4×4, as the name implies, is a surprise itinerary carried out on TT cars. The navigation of the teams is done by road-book or military letter, with check-points of orientation and diverse activities of team building.

    Birdwatching – The birds of the Sado estuary

    Walk on the banks of the Sado Estuary, with a professional guide and equipment for bird watching. There are more than 250 documented species of birds in this area and many of them can be seen.

    Sado Jeep Safari – “On the Storks Route”

    Jeep tour guided by the Sado Estuary Natural Reserve, through marshes and rice paddies, in a protected area with a rich biodiversity.


    Pedestrian activity, constituted by an itinerary of orientation by map or military letter. In the course, the teams will encounter challenges, riddles, riddles or team building tests and well-disposed character.

    Caça ao Tesouro

    The format of the Treasure Hunt consists of clues. The resolution of each puzzle allows the teams to discover the location where the next track is hidden. From hiding in hiding to the final location of the treasure.

    Skip Town Games

    An escape from everyday life. Healthy experience that provides the practice of physical exercise allied to fun, group spirit and interpersonal relationship.

    Gym Session – Pilates, Tai Chi, Yoga e Zumba

    Group experience focused on essential pillars for a sound mind. A therapy in touch with nature!

    Peddy Gym-Trail

    Because running is fashionable … why not adapt this concept to your event? A sequence of physical exercises, scavenger hunts and fitness-quiz. A gym in nature!

    Coasteering – Costa da Arrábida

    For the most adventurous and daring. Coasteering is a physical activity where you cross the coastline by swimming, small climbs and jumps into the water. The route of the Mil Andanças along the cliffs of the Serra da Arrábida, between the mouth of Sado and Sesimbra.

    Traditional Portuguese Percussion Workshop

    Workshop with traditional Portuguese percussion instruments, namely drums, casks, drums and small percussion players (tambourines, agogos).

    Portuguese Traditional Tiles Painting Workshop

    This workshop will allow all elements to get to know the traditional methods of the typical Portuguese tiles. Once painted, each tile will be a piece of a puzzle that will give rise to a rich tile panel. The ideal solution to decorate that empty wall of your company.

    Roman Troia

    Visit to the residential, industrial and religious complex that reveals the Roman ways of life from the 1st century to the 6th century, in what was the most important fishery production center of the Roman Empire. In the end, Roman games and traditional games, well animated.

    Team Building

    Several game packages and team building activities are available. Ideal solution to complement another main activity or, by itself, to provide moments of unity, motivation, mutual aid and, mainly, to improve group dynamics and therefore productivity and yield.

    Mountain Bike Rides

    By bike and with various degrees of difficulty, on rails and paths in the protected areas of the Natural Park of Arrábida and Natural Reserve of the Sado Estuary, as well as urban routes.

    Walking Tours

    Discover the charms of nature here so close. Trace paths, paths and paths in a healthy and ecological way and know all the natural, architectural and landscape heritage.


    For lovers of motor sports and more. Challenge the pilot in you. Various race options: free race, group or endurance race with track exclusivity, timed practice, podium with champagne and prizes …


    Strategy, leadership and team spirit are the main ingredients for an original game of paintball in one of the beautiful natural settings that we have at our disposal.

    Gourmet Picnic

    Indulge in the main delicacies of our region in an original gourmet picnic. From cheeses to sausages, from wines to regional sweets.


    Burricadas in the Serra do Louro, with visit to a mill and bakery where wheat bread is handmade. Not to miss the magnificent view over Palmela and the Barris Valley.

    Traditional Games

    Several packages of traditional Portuguese games are available. Ideal solution to complement another main activity or, by itself, provide moments of leisure and good mood, reminding our ancestors and improving group dynamics.

    Close-Up Magic

    Here, magic happens right under your eyes. The interaction between the artist, the Magic Clown, and the audience is guaranteed. Without intermediaries, without stages, nor barriers.

    Hot Air Balloon

    Captive balloon flight, with vertical ascent that allows you to glimpse the entire surrounding scenery.

    Guided Tours – City Tours

    City Tours in Lisbon, Sintra, Cascais, Évora, Fátima, Batalha, Óbidos, Mafra, etc., with interpreter guides, to the most varied historical, cultural and scenic places in Portugal.


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