TORSUS4x4 – Off Road Experiences – ARRÁBIDA Tour

TORSUS4x4 tour guided by the Arrábida Natural Park.

Passage near the fort of S. Filipe, Quinta da Comenda, Chapel of São Luís da Serra, Chapel of Escudeira, Vale de Barris and Palmela, with tasting of 2 wines and Moscatel de Setúbal with regional cheese and bread. Know More

TORSUS4x4 – Off Road Experiences – SADO Tour

TORSUS4x4 tour guided by the Sado Estuary Nature Reserve.

Passing through Herdade da Comporta, Aldeia da Comporta / Rice fields / Carrasqueira / Palafita da Carrasqueira Fishing Port (visit) / Murta, Monte Novo, Cachopos and Montevil, with tasting of Moscatel de Setúbal, juices and regional sweets. Know More

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    • Complexo Turístico de Tróia, Loja LA 38, 7570-789 Carvalhal GDL
    • De Segunda a Sexta: 09:30 às 18:00
    • (+351) 265 490 406 / (+351) 915 560 342
    • geral@sadoArrabida.pt

    Arrábida Jeep Safari – “On the Rails of the Mountain” (1/2 Day or 1 Day)

    Jeep tour guided by the Nature Park of Arrábida. Nature, architecture and landscape heritage of rare beauty, highlighted by the contrast between the mountains and the sea.
    Points of interest: Convent of Arrábida / Portinho da Arrábida / Azeitão / Caves José Maria da Fonseca (wine tasting) / Tile workshop.

    Sado Jeep Safari – “On the Storks Route” (1/2 Day or 1 Day)

    Jeep tour guided by the Sado Estuary Natural Reserve, through marshes and rice paddies, in a protected area with a rich biodiversity.
    Points of interest: Comporta / Carrasqueira / Palafitic Port

    Roman Tróia and Comporta Wines

    Jeep tour with guided tour of the Roman Ruins of Troia, Herdade da Comporta (wine tasting) and Carrasqueira Palafitic Fishing Port.
    Points of interest: Roman Ruins of Troy (guided tour) / Herdade da Comporta (wine tasting) / Palafitic Fishing Port.

    Birdwatching – The birds of the Sado estuary

    Walk on the banks of the Sado Estuary, with a professional guide and equipment for bird watching. There are more than 250 documented species of birds in this area and many of them can be seen.
    Points of interest: Comporta / Carrasqueira / Sado Estuary.

    Horseback riding on the beach

    Along the seafront of the Tróia peninsula, overlooking the ocean and the Arrábida mountains.

    Walking Tours

    From Troia to the Roman ruins, Comporta to Carrasqueira or all the splendor of the Serra da Arrábida available for calm, healthy and educational enjoyment.