Founded in 1939 in Irbit in Russian Siberia, URAL Motorcycles has been manufacturing bikes with sidecars since 1941. They are a version of the BMW R71, in continuous improvement up to the present day, winning more and more the favor of fans and enthusiasts around the world.

Its neoclassical and revivalist lines, coupled with a lot of character and personality, transform any brief tour into a unique and unforgettable experience.

The URAL SadoArrábida has a boxer engine of 750 cc and it is 2WD, a model that is already now a vintage icon.

Available for hire (with a driver):
– Events and promotions;
– Bachelor & Bachlorette parties / weddings;
– Photo Shoots / Filming;
– Ads;
– Tourist circuits in the Nature Park of Arrábida and Natural Reserve of the Sado Estuary or others;
– Exciting events.

Two of our programs can be accessed below